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Couch Cane Standing Aid with Assist-A-Tray

Perfect for use by anyone that finds it difficult to get up off of a settee or couch, the Couch Cane Standing Aid with Assist-A-Tray makes sitting and standing easier and more comfortable. With its adjustable frame, rubber pads and ergonomic safety handles, this chair aid is as versatile as it is safe.

Key Features of the Couch Cane Standing Aid with Assist-A-Tray

  • Makes standing and sitting easy and safe
  • Includes rubber pads to ensure stability and safety
  • Adjustable frame to fit either side of the couch or chair
  • The swivel tray incorporates a cup holder and a utensil compartment

Standing and Sitting Made Easy

The Couch Cane Standing Aid with Assist-A-Tray features an ergonomic safety handle for easy transferring to or from a sitting position, as well as super grip rubber pads on the base of the frame to ensure extra stability and protect the floor from damage.

Multipurpose Swivel Tray

The swivel tray has many uses and can carry up to 13kg of weight. With its cup holder and utensil compartment, this is the only tray you will ever need.

Technical Specifications

  • Adjustable tray height: 65 - 80cm
  • Height adjustment: 85 - 100cm
  • Base length adjustment: 50 - 90cm
  • Handle dimensions: 15 x 15cm
  • Handle diameter: 3.1cm
  • Tray dimensions: 40 x 45cm
  • Weight limit of the tray: 13kg
  • Total weight of the product: 8.9kg
  • Maximum user weight: 114kg