Afex® Male Incontinence Active Starter Kit- Save $73!

$119.99 $197.95



The Afex Male Incontinence Active Starter Kit - is intended for men who walk, exercise or stand for long periods of time. Afex bladder leak managing systems prevents UTI and is cost-effective. All Afex components are reusable, recyclable and insurable Active Starter Kit contains everything you need to begin using the Afex system:

  • 1 active male incontinence brief
  • 1 penile receptacle – high style
  • 1 urine bag – standard (500 mL), non-vented
  • 1 penile receptacle cleaning container
  • BONUS: 1 urinary appliance cleanser - liquid concentrate (118 mL)

Sold individually these items total $197.95, you save $73!

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