Contiform® Pessary Single Size Pack

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Contiform® has particular appeal for active women. It can also be used successfully by new mothers, although not within six weeks of delivery. It is NOT suitable for patients with prolapse. (For more details on whether Contiform is suitable for you, please see the Frequently Asked Questions page, and if required, consult a health professional).

The Contiform® device comes in three sizes – Small, Medium or Large. Most women fit comfortably with a size medium. However, if it feels too tight or too loose go up or down a size or start with the 3 Size Kit, which includes the device in all three sizes, a removal ribbon and instructions. Once fitted to the correct size, you can then purchase the User Replacement Pack with your size only – when it eventually needs replacing.

The device must be replaced when it no longer effectively supports the urethra. This is usually every 30 – 45 days (or much longer if used infrequently). You will notice the Contiform® has a split in the collar. This allows it to be easily folded / reduced in size for insertion into the vagina. It also helps reduce any excess pressure on the bladder neck, to prevent obstruction to urinary flow.

Contiform® is designed by one of Australia’s leading gynecologists and is registered with the Australian Therapeutic Goods Administration (ARTG No. 153651)

A Class II Device, CE certified ISO 13485.

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