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Hewee Go Active Kit

Hewee Go Active Kit

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The unique design of Hewee Go Active is held securely and comfortably in position by an adjustable support belt without the need for adhesives/tapes etc. The rubber flange containing the chosen diaphragm is then fitted through the reinforced ring on the front of the support belt. The sheath is then rolled over the penis to provide a good fit with any excess left rolled. This rolled section of the sheath can then be stretched over the front part of the flange where it sits and stays securely in position. The system works especially well for men with retracted penises.

  • Comfortable – great for long use
  • Leak-free collection
  • Reusable / washable 15 Fl oz Urine collection bag
  • Six-month life on our urine collection bag. Non-return safety valve on collection bags that prevents backflow of urine
  • Easy to assemble with quick snap disconnect couplings makes emptying quick and simple
  • Biodegradable material, no issues with disposal
  • Practical and compact, discreet
  • Sheaths and diaphragms can be used ip to 10+ times
  • Leg mounting/securing strap and drawstring hold, all included
  • Long-term cost savings compared to single-use disposable systems

Your HeWee Go starter kit comprises of an adjustable support belt that is suitable for waistlines up to 40” (a 10” extension strap is available as an accessory), three different size sheaths 30, 35, and 40mm, two sizes of diaphragm (small or large) and one flange:

  • CDHW - 1 x HeWee Go system
  • CDHSC - 2 x snap connectors
  • CDHT - 1 x 1 mtr tube
  • CDHUCB – 1 x Urine collection bag (15 fl oz) with leg strap
  • CDHDH - Drawstring holdall (30 cm H x 25cm W)

If well maintained this system will last months! Most parts are available for reimbursement by private insurers and some provincial and federal programs.

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For health and hygiene reasons, and in accordance with Health Canada and the FDA, this item is NON-RETURNABLE.

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