Utiva Urinary Tract Infection Test Strips

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Utiva UTI Test Strips, by Szio+, is designed for home use to test for signs of a urinary tract infection. Within 2 minutes test like they do at your doctor's office!

A Utiva UTI Test Strips, by Szio+, allows the user to test for signs of a Urinary Tract Infection at home safely and simply, then follow-up with your doctor with the results if needed.

  • Clinically Accurate
  • Easy to Use
  • Results in 2 minutes
  • The same type of UTI tests that most doctors use to diagnose a UTI at their clinics.Two tests in one – including both Leukocyte (white blood cells) and Nitrite tests – both tests commonly used to diagnose a UTI.
  • Accurate test results.
  • Test results can be read in just two minutes.
  • Clean grip handle is sanitary and easy-to-use!
  • Please read all the information in this package insert before performing the test.
  • For urine testing only.  Do not use for blood testing.
  • Do not use after the expiration date.
  • Keep out of the reach of children.
  • For in vitro diagnostic use. Not to be taken internally.
  • The used strip should be discarded according to local regulations after testing.
There is the possibility that this test may produce false results. Consult your physician before making any medical decisions.  Note: The test may be affected by substances that cause abnormal urine colour such as drugs containing azo dyes (e.g. Pyridium®,  Azo Gantrisin®, Azo Gantanol®), nitrofurantoin (Microdantin®,  Furadantin®), and riboflavin.  The colour development on the test pad may be masked or a colour reaction may be produced that could be interpreted as false results.

1. Leukocytes:  The drug tetracycline may cause a false negative result.  High protein or elevated glucose in urine may cause test results to be low.

2. Nitrite:  Any degree of uniform pink to red colour should be read as a positive result.  Pink spots or pink edges should not be read as a positive result.  High ascorbic acid may cause test results to be low.
Note:  You may get a negative result if you have a UTI caused by bacteria that does not change nitrate to nitrite, when urine has not been held in the bladder for more than 4 hours, when taking antibiotics, or when your diet does not include nitrates.