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MiWay™ Leg Spreader w/Mirror and rechargeable LED light

MiWay™ Leg Spreader w/Mirror and rechargeable LED light

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MiWay™ Leg Spreader w/Mirror and rechargeable LED light

Design driven by users feedback.  Holds legs in a comfortable spread position to aid in visualizing the urethra and facilitate intermittent self catheterization. Provides large mirror area and rechargeable LED light so that the urethra is clearly visible. The adjustable mirror and bright light make self cathing easier in any situation. Easily fits in a backpack or large purse for discreet use at home or on the go. Extremely lightweight and moisture resistant with a surface area that provides cushioning and soft contour for a comfortable feel.

Based on years of user feedback specially designed for female intermittent self-catheterization . Made of ultra lightweight closed cell cross-linked polyethylene (XLPE). Provides 12″ of abduction or separation at the knees. The unbreakable shatterproof mirror is attached with hook and loop. The mirror angle and position is easily adjusted for maximum visualization and lighting.

The rechargeable LED light provides three brightness settings and includes a wall charger. The super powerful LED light, provides 120 Lumens and up to 4 hours of continuous use or 68 hours of realistic intermittent use. Light turns on with the push of a button and has three brightness settings. Can be charged from any USB port, car charger or portable power bank. NO BATTERIES TO REPLACE.

Perfect for an Active Lifestyle. Compact, easy to transport, and easy to use the MiWay™ Leg Spreader separates the knees and holds them in position to facilitate intermittent self catheterization. Made of a rigid closed cell material, it provides strength to keep the legs in position while providing the comfort of soft edges and no metal parts. The shatterproof mirror stores safely on the device when not in use.

Cleaning: Clean with warm soapy water or surface disinfecting agent, do not sterilization by steam.  Impervious to mildew, mold, rot and bacteria. Remove rechargeable light prior to cleaning. Wipe the LED light clean but Do Not Submerge.

Contraindications: Though the device is unbreakable extreme leg muscle spasms or spasticity may temporarily bend or distort the spreader base. Some flexing is possible under normal use.

Dimensions: Mounting base- Weight 6 oz., Width 12 inches, Height 7 inches, Thickness 2 inches. Mirror 4 inches by 7 inches.

Specs: The mirror is constructed from shatterproof and impact resistant acrylic. The rechargeable LED Light Unit (4 LEDs) has an On/Off control with 3 brightness settings (low, medium, high), USB Charger Cover and USB Charger Plug. Battery is 250mAh rechargeable . Charging time 1.5 hours. Single Port USB wall charger 1A 5V.  The spreader is made of closed cell cross-linked polyethylene (XLPE) a form of polyethylene plastic.

Light Source: 4 LEDs

Light Brightness: Low, Medium and High

Charge Time: 1.5 hours

Power Supply: 250mAh Rechargeable Battery


Caution- Never look directly into the LED light cluster as it is extremely bright. When using the light try the “low” setting first. It may be more than sufficient. The light is intended to illuminate and like any other bright light please avoid looking into it.

Before initial use, remove the LED light USB charger plug cover and plug it into the USB wall charger (included) or the USB port of Computer, Laptop or Car. It takes approximately 1 – 1.5 hours to charge fully. The battery indicator light will illuminate red (on the edge) while charging, when battery is low or has partial charge. When fully charged, the indicator light will illuminate green (on the edge). After the Light Unit unit is fully charged, put the USB charger cover back on and reattach to the mirror. Repeatedly press the On/Off switch in the center of the light unit to cycle through the three brightness settings: high, mid and low. Press once for high brightness, press again for middle brightness and press third time for the low bright light. To switch if off just press again. Charge the device at regular intervals to ensure optimum battery life. Switch the Light Unit off and disconnect from charging socket before cleaning. Clean the Light Unit with a soft, dry cloth. Do not use any form of abrasive cleaner or solvents to clean the unit. Never submerge the Light Unit in liquids.

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