Absorbable products are NOT covered by insurance!

Absorbable products are NOT covered by insurance!

Canada’s lack of provincial reimbursement policies for incontinence products and devices needs to change.

The Ministry of Health primarily views incontinence as a quality of life condition, not a disease entity. This attitude is costing our healthcare system dearly. By granting affordable access to new medical devices that help to keep people at home, many negative secondary effects caused by inferior incontinence products can be prevented.

Afex® external urine collection system is new to Canada. It helps to prevent nocturia-related falls, skin irritations and infections that can result in nurse and doctor visits and, in too many instances, hospitalization.

For skilled nurses and caregivers changing diapers at assisted living residences and hospitals every hour or two is a physical and time management burden – not to mention a quality of life issue for their patients. When Afex® is used, there is none of the lifting and pulling of patients that is associated with diaper changes. Time is saved, nurses avoid potential back injuries and skilled labor hours can be redirected to more critical aspects of patient care.

Moderate to severe or mixed incontinence often results in the use of 5 to 10 adult diapers per day. Not only do Afex® systems cost up to 50% less than adult diapers, every component is 100% recyclable meaning less burden on the pocketbook and on the environment.

Our products are covered by private insurance, NHIB, Veterans, WSIB, provincial disability and some assisted programs.

The system’s ergonomic latex free penile receptacle has a patented breathable elevated liner that protects skin from urine contact thereby reducing skin irritation while helping to prevent of IAD (Incontinence Associated Dermatitis). With proper use, UTI’s can be significantly reduced thanks to the zero backflow of urine between the system’s vinyl collection bag or extension tube assembly (for sedentary, bedridden or night-time use) and the receptacle. Attaching the receptacle to the bag or extension tube assembly is done through a simple turn and click motion.

One of most problematic incontinence issues in men is penis retraction. As a result, Afex’s® manufacturer, Arcus Medical in North Carolina, developed the Afex® Core Supporter Brief, which provides additional pubic pressure to help with retraction even in men who enjoy very active lifestyles.

In many European countries, particularly in the UK, healthcare models are simpler and have provisions for better incontinence products and devices. In fact, the UK has implemented Afex® with tremendous success as a replacement to condom and internal dwelling catheters following radical prostatectomy procedures and bladder cancer and in situations of stress and urge incontinence.

Afex® provides men with an affordable, comfortable and discreet way to manage light to heavy urinary incontinence and is easy to use for their caregivers. 100% made in the USA from American and Canadian materials.

Questions about our products and services, call 1 (855) 811-3733 or (613) 935-5508 email: info@activkare.com

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