Bladder leaks are caused by weakness in the pelvic floor muscles which allows leakage during ordinary, everyday activities such as laughing, coughing, sneezing, lifting, or when you are most active. It is estimated that up to 1 in 3 women today suffer bladder leaks “aka” SUI (Stress Urinary Incontinence). This can affect women of all ages and may occur at any time, but often starts in pregnancy, after childbirth, after abdominal surgeries or during menopause.

For men, bladder leaks can be caused by enlarged prostates, after surgeries and by many degenerative diseases.


The first thing we suggest is to watch the instructional video available on our website’s homepage. Then read the instructions. Verify proper waist size of the briefs and try the system at home. Do NOT engage the activity tabs on the bag for most normal, everyday use. Get accustomed to the system at home before wearing it out in public.

If you need further assistance or different components for your application, contact Afexcare customer service by email: info@activkare.com or call us: 1-8855-811-3733

There are three main components to the Afex® system: a penile receptacle, briefs, and a urine bag. The receptacle is a loose-fitting, latex-free and adhesive-free ergonomically shaped device. The receptacle has a firm but flexible outer shell and a soft inner liner. The inner liner forms a double wall so the skin is suspended away from any residual urine. The receptacle is held in place with briefs and a urine bag is attached directly to the receptacle with an easy “twist-and-lock” connection.

When properly used for the correct application, Afex® is a comfortable, discreet, convenient, environmental-friendly and cost-effective alternative to disposable diapers, pads and catheters.

For normal, everyday active use, which may include normal walking and sitting, then NO. We advise you to not use the Stability Tabs during normal use as they may inadvertently cause the receptacle nozzle to exceed a level required for urine drainage into the bag.

ONLY engage Stability Tabs on the bag if you are in rigourous, predominantly standing activity, such as running, fast-walking, dancing, golfing, tennis, hiking, etc. During most normal everyday use, the Stability Tabs on the bags should not be secured to the briefs.

The bag is positioned on the inside of the upper left thigh area. It is supported by the briefs and during high activity levels can be secured with Stability Tabs, which prevent the bag from swinging back and forth.

Typically, if you are in a low-activity mode, we suggest to NOT use the Stability Tabs so the bag remains lower than the penile receptacle to improve flow. This is especially important in a sitting position.

The urine bag features an easy-open drain clamp that operates by pulling up on a lever. It also features a safety lock to prevent accidental opening during use of the system. *** All Urine bags should be emptied when half full to avoid backflow from the pressurized bag and the weight of a full bag pulling the penile receptacle away from the body.

All parts of the Afex® system are reusable. Some components last longer than others, from 30 to 90 days. Because the system isn’t disposable daily or per single use, you can save up to 50% per year versus disposable diapers and pads.

The recommended replacement interval for urine bags and penile receptacles is every 30 days for optimal protection against leaks due to mechanical wear and tear. Briefs should be purchased based on personal preference and frequency of laundering.

Yes, indeed. You’ll find short “how-to” videos on a YouTube channel.

Yes, as long as you have the nozzle of the receptacle pointed downward so urine can freely flow into the bag and the void volume that may be filled during your nap will not exceed the remaining capacity of the urine bag.

Keep in mind that:

  • The Afex® system is gravity fed, so make sure to keep a slight incline when lying down;
  • The urine bag volume is reduced when not in a standing position.

For best results, the urine bag should be emptied often to ensure there is space for urine to pass into the bag. Too much urine in the bag may prohibit the one-way flapper valve to properly open to let additional urine into the bag.

Important Notice: Do not recline in your recliner chair, legs must be below pelvis to prevent leakage.

No, you do not need to disconnect anything. Simply lower the briefs as with typical underwear.

The Afex® system is not recommended for men with a retracted penis or less than one inch of length. Also, a rigid implant will not work with the Afex® system.

We also suggest caregiver assistance if the user has a loss of dexterity.


Contiform is a shaped like a hollow tampon that supports the urethra. It is a self-fitted, self-inserted, flexible, intra-vaginal device which helps to keep the neck of the bladder closed during stressful moments – coughing, sneezing, laughing and high impact exercising without impeding the ability to void. Made of medical grade Santoprene, a man-made, non-latex hydrophobic polymer- it cannot absorb water/fluids, thus cannot support any microbial growth. The material is slippery when wet, making it easier to insert..

Contiform is inserted in a folded position and inserted into the vagina. If dryness makes this difficult, a VERY small amount of water-based gel can be used on the tip to facilitate entry. Contiform can be easily inserted and removed by its user, in much the same way you would insert and remove a tampon. The device is softly contoured to be worn discreetly and comfortably inside the vagina to support the urethra and restore the body’s natural anatomy. The latex-free silicone ribbon makes removal easy.

Vaginal Dryness: It is advised that where vaginal dryness occurs, subsequent insertions of Contiform should include a small amount of sterile water-based lubricating gel to the tip. This will not only aid in the smooth insertion and ensure a smooth removal using either your forefinger and/or the removal ribbon.

The New User Kit comprises three available sizes, Small, Medium & Large and includes a Silicone Removal Strap. Approximately 75-80% of women will find the Medium size works best but start with the Small. If you are still leaking or it feels loose then try the Medium, if the Medium feels loose and you are still leaking then the Large is selected. Women fit themselves, DOCTORS DO NOT have to measure for size compatibility. Most women prefer to try Contiform in the privacy of their home- alternatively we recommend that they consult their Healthcare Professional, Pelvic Floor Therapist or Nurse Continence Advisor before using Contiform.

Any woman who has stress incontinence (SUI). Women who decline/not suitable for surgery, want more children, waiting for surgery, 6 weeks after post childbirth and/or working with a Pelvic Floor Therapist. Contiform is unsuitable for moderate to severe prolapse. “Depending on the degree of prolapse that a woman has, Contiform may not be suitable as a device to prevent stress incontinence”– Prof. Dr. Kate Moore, who published the clinical study of Contiform, suggested that, as a measure, “if the woman can retain a tampon, then the Contiform could be used.”

Developed by renowned Prof. Dr. Kate Moore MB BS Syd, MD Liv, FRCOG, FRANZCOG, CU. who is a Urogynecologist and Director of the Pelvic Floor Unit at St George Hospital, University of New South Wales, Australia states, “when using Contiform women should not feel anything obtrusive when the correct size is used.” The device is usually taken out at night, washed in a non-scented soap and left to dry however there is approval that the device can be worn 24 hours a day over a continuous period of 5 days.

Removal difficulties: If the Contiform Pessary becomes difficult to remove- Do Not Panic. Avoid any vigorous attempts to remove the pessary if it doesn’t slide out naturally using the forefinger and/or attached removal ribbon. This activity can cause a tightening of the vaginal muscles thereby increasing the the vacuum effect of the Contiform face with the vaginal wall.

Simple Removal Technique: Using your forefinger and thumb squeeze the circular wall of the Contiform pessary together to release the vacuum effect, rotate slowly and then remove the pessary.

Vaginal Dryness: It is advised that where vaginal dryness occurs, subsequent insertions of Contiform should include a small amount of sterile water-based lubricating gel to the tip. This will not only aid in the smooth insertion and ensure a smooth removal using either your forefinger and/or the removal ribbon.

The device is manufactured with a slit in the inside of the collar. This is to aid the folding and squeezing prior to insertion. The slit also acts as a gauge as to when the device should be replaced. Over 30 days the slit will develop over the top of the collar which compromises the efficacy, this is when the device should be replaced. With everyday use Contiform is guaranteed for 30 days, however when used only 2 or 3 times a week the device will last 45-90 days.