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Best Selling Incontinence Care Products

Explore ActivKare's premium selection of incontinence products, meticulously chosen to empower and support you through every moment. From discreet pads to reliable briefs, our range offers comfort, confidence, and dignity. Browse now to find the perfect solution for your needs and embrace worry-free living with ActivKare.

Our products are TAX FREE and COVERED by Private INSURANCE, reimbursement programs such as ODSP, WSIB, EHSS, and federal programs for veterans VAC/VA as well as Medicare, Medicaid, and Medi-Cal.

Premium Incontinence Products

Choosing the right incontinence products for a relative, friend, or yourself, can feel overwhelming, but ActivKare is here to help! Our selection includes protection for daytime or nighttime use with options for bladder and bowel incontinence, so you’re sure to find leak protection that works. With the right incontinence products, you or your loved one can get back to living with dignity and confidence.

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    You've Got A Friend In Me

    I knew I was in search of an external urinary catheter that wasn't condom-based, but I wasn't exactly sure of the specifics...Turns out, this is it! It's not only secure (no leakage), but it's comfortable. I don't plan to use it daily, but it'll come in handy when restroom stops are few and far between. You not only have a loyal customer but, like the song says, you've got a friend in me."


    -William S

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    Very good product, helped my husband to sleep well because he doesn’t need to change diaper at night and help me to sleep well because I don’t need to check on him every 3 hours at night. I definitely recommend this product.


    -Sally M

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    Prostate Problems

    After suffering from prostate problems for 15 years my husband had to have a removal and it left him completely incontinent. The Afex system was fully covered by our insurance and my husband loves the freedom he has from the embarrassing pads he was wearing."



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    Afex ActivKare male incontinence starter kit

    After trying half a dozen other external catheters/portable urinals, all of which were uncomfortable, and some leaked, I decided to try the Afex ActiveKare product. It is very comfortable to wear compared to the others and I am able to wear it 12-14 hours a day 7 days a week. ★★★★★ -Jim F

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