Feeling Left Behind After Surgery

Feeling Left Behind After Surgery

Picture this, you’ve been dealing with urinary incontinence for some time now. You research methods and means of stopping the symptoms from affecting your life, but you begin to feel frustrated with the only options you’ve been using, disposable diapers and pads. Your mental health begins to suffer, so you make up your mind that enough is enough. You decide to opt for surgery to fix the embarrassing issue once and for all. After surgery you start to notice that your urinary incontinence symptoms haven’t stopped, and you’re still experiencing bladder leakage and other painful side effects that aren’t ideal. This causes more frustration because the ‘quick fix’ you thought you signed up for didn’t pan out.

Surgery is one way to provide some relief to one’s situation but it isn’t always the answer to completely stopping incontinence symptoms and the feelings that come with it. Post-surgery problems can leave you feeling worse than you did before, or even cause changes to your body that you weren’t expecting. This leads to your mental health suffering again and leaves you feeling like you have nowhere to turn. These feelings don’t have to take over though, the first step to understanding yourself is accepting that incontinence is something that many people deal with, men and women, and is nothing to be embarrassed or ashamed about.

There are different kinds of surgery to treat incontinence, including sling surgery, colposuspension, vaginal mesh surgery (tape), and more. The most common surgery being sling surgery, which is when a piece of tissue is taken and inserted to support the bladder to stop symptoms from happening. This does not always fix the problem, and even when it does, it can cause side effects over time including developing other forms of incontinence and pain. Many individuals will think they’re in the clear after surgery only to have their symptoms reappear over time.

Surgery is the most advanced treatment for incontinence, and many believe that because it is a more extensive way of dealing with the issue, it will be the be-all end-all to their bladder leaks. This could not be further from the truth, and depending on the type of incontinence, it may be the solution for only a portion of the problem. At ActivKare we offer insurable, reusable, environmentally friendly products that are discreet and more comfortable than disposable diapers and pads, as well as less invasive than surgery. You don’t have to opt for invasive surgery to be able to manage your incontinence symptoms. Check out our line of comfortable and discreet male and female products that can help you live life again freely, even if surgery wasn’t the answer. www.activkare.com

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