How Activkare Can Help You Live Life Freely Again

How Activkare Can Help You Live Life Freely Again

ActivKare is a medical device company focusing on providing insurable devices relating to incontinence, home-health care, as well as physical therapy. CEO and founder Karen Brunet started the company after seeing a gap in the market for reusable, environmentally friendly solutions to these issues, especially relating to incontinence. Seeing as many of the people dealing with said symptoms turn to disposable diapers and pads that are not only uncomfortable, but also harm the environment by taking 400-700 years to biodegrade, Karen knew that there was a better solution. 

ActivKare was founded based on the idea of helping others find the right fit for them, and everyone on the team prides themselves on offering the best customer service for individuals of all ages. A key component that the company focuses on is the overall comfort, and longevity of the insurable devices sold. Many of the incontinence options, including ActivGo, Afex, and Contiform are built to be used over and over again, which saves money and eliminates the need to dispose of products.  

CEO and founder Karen has dealt with issues of incontinence after the birth of her children and multiple surgeries for endometriosis. She personally understands that a lot of the products she offers will help others live life freely again, discreetly and comfortably. In many cases, individuals have a hard time not only finding the right product for them, but also accepting that incontinence is something they have to deal with, this is where ActivKare can assist. Studies show that only 1 out of 12 individuals dealing with this issue will seek help for it, whether that be through purchasing a device, using disposable products, or even opting for surgery.

ActivKare and its team will take every aspect of your condition into consideration and will work with your personal needs to find the right option. Whether you’re looking to alleviate symptoms of incontinence, looking for home health care products, or looking for physical therapy accessories, we can help you live life freely again. Check out our range of incontinence, at home care, and physical therapy products at

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