How I made a “business” by peeing my pants!

How I made a “business” by peeing my pants!

Hi my name is Karen and iKare.Med Inc and now ActivKare are companies I started after working in the male incontinence medical device field for two years as a Canadian sales representative for Afex products. After much success bringing the Afex products into Canada, a company from Australia approached me about the possibility of representing their products for women’s stress incontinence. Working closely with Health Canada, Contiform is now available for any woman!

I can say with complete honesty Contiform has changed my life both personally and physically! After suffering from endometriosis and polycystic ovarian syndrome for more than 20 years and enduring fertility treatments for four years I was miraculously able to get pregnant (fertility treatment free) and give birth to my daughters in 2010 and 2011. These celebrations were quickly followed by the removal of my uterus in 2012  and ovaries in 2013….

Doctors did NOT disclose that pushing for hours during childbirth may cause me to develop urinary incontinence- which got exponentially worse by the way after the hysterectomy!

I’ve done all the pelvic floor exercises with little to no success over the years. I refused to wear adult diapers and hated layering pads before workouts or playing outside with my girls, therefore I could easily empathize with men’s and women’s “bladder leak” frustrations. This is how I’ve grown so passionate about searching for and providing better options for dealing with urinary incontinence.

The positive phone calls and emails I’ve received from men and women of all ages thanking me for helping them achieve continence and/or dryness success and comfort fuels my dedication to introduce these products to anyone “leaking”.

On a personal note I now train for and compete in triathlons and duathlons, recreational downhill ski, ride horses and mountain bike without even a second thought about the possibility of  “peeing my pants”!

Please feel free to share your story, you’d be surprised how many of us are talking about it.

All the best, cheers!


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