So life threw you a curveball eh?

So life threw you a curveball eh?

So you were just thrown a curveball eh?

My strategy with curveballs is to knock them out of the park!

Change your mental diagnosis from “I pee my pants therefore I need to adjust my life to the leaks” ie. stopping sports, limiting travelling, stopping my daily walk etc. There are ways to deal with it and still maintain the lifestyle you previously had. Please do not accept the fact that you’re going to leak a little maybe for a few months or maybe for the rest of your life and the only option you know is to wear adult diapers- FIGURE IT OUT, CONQUER THE ROADBLOCK!

Men, this may be a first for you to have to accept your lack of continence fate but please don’t let it get you down. Think bladder leaks as another life challenge but this time it’s of a different physical nature. Try and try again until you find a product or device that gives you your freedom back, we can help- that’s what we do here!

Women, we have had to deal with sh*t down there since we were a teen, this is just another speed bump in our already overworked, overstressed (unless your retired lol) lives!  Just because you’re dribbling or leaking or it’s like an open faucet all the time doesn’t mean you can’t have a healthy active lifestyle! There are options outside of sitting in a soggy, smelly and constantly shifting absorbent pad. I used to try to train horses wearing them after childbirth- it was awful and especially irritating to my skin…Contiform eliminates all discomfort, in fact once inserted you feel nothing at all.

#1 Please look into seeing a pelvic floor therapist, they can help you find the correct exercises to help strengthen your pelvic floor, this goes for you men as well!

#2 Look through the products we carry, read the worldwide testimonials and see what product will best allow you to smack that curveball.

#3 Call or email us with any questions or concerns, believe me we’ve heard them all 🙂

#4 Order online or direct from one of our suppliers or call us and order over the phone.

#5 Submit your receipt to your private insurer or provincial reimbursement program or save your receipts for your income taxes. Afex and Contiform are fully covered, if you have any trouble with reimbursement contact us and we will send you a form for your doctor or therapist to sign to aid with your insurance claim.

Don’t be shy, we’re here to help!

Onwards and upwards,


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