Why Are Adult Cloth Diapers Better?

Why Are Adult Cloth Diapers Better?

Adult cloth diapers are a lot cheaper in the long run than disposables.

Let’s do a cost comparison. The average reusable product costs $40. You will probably need six. That is about a $240 investment. The average cost of disposables is $75 for 72. Using at least 2 a day of disposables, the cost will be the same between the reusable and disposable investment after four months of using products.

However, if you bought a reusable, you have months and months of free product to use after the four months. If you bought disposables, then after these four months your investment is gone. You have to spend more money.

Reusable diapers are good for the environment. You might be thinking that you cannot make a difference here. Actually, one person can. It adds up very fast. Each disposable user adds a lot of non-biodegradable trash to the world each year.

About two billion tons of urine, feces, plastic and paper fill up the landfills each year. Do you want to be one of those people? It also takes 80,000 pounds of plastic and 200,000 trees a year to manufacture disposable adult diapers. Some of the new disposables are biodegradable, but only if exposed to air and sun, which does not always happen and still takes hundreds of years.

Reusable diapers are also a little easier to use discretely since you don’t have to throw them away in the neighborhood trash all the time.

Reusable diapers are often better for skin rashes, irritations, allergies, and reactions. The products are soft and comfortable and can be better for thinning skin as well.

You’re probably wondering what to do on the go with a reusable, right? People use zip lock bags to put soiled reusable products in. You can carry them in your to-go bag with other products, creams, wipes, etc. Another thing people do is use disposables only when on the go and reusable diapers when at home.

ActivKare Products such as Contiform or Afex are recyclable,reusable and insurable.

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