Say goodbye to the frustrations of adult diapers and incontinence pads- no more skin irritation, urine odours and wetness!

Afex is the most recommended male external collection system by doctors and nurses. Afex is the only FDA,  Health Canada  and Medicare approved Durable Medical Equipment for men that collects bladder leaks and incontinence. Afex is reusable, insurable and helps to prevent UTI (Urinary Track Infection) skin irritation, nocturia and is odor free!

A highly effective solution for men with light, moderate or heavy urinary incontinence, Afex® is reusable, discreet, comfortable, dry, and very economical. FULLY COVERED BY PRIVATE INSURANCE, MEDICARE, ODSP, NIHB and WSIB.

Urinary incontinence, or bladder leaks, is too common an issue among many men suffering from degenerative diseases like Parkinson’s, AlS, Multiple Sclerosis and/or an enlarged or cancerous prostate (Prostatitis). Often men whom have to undergo surgery to remove or treat a cancerous prostate will have urinary incontinence that may last for a few days, weeks or months, and sometimes permanently.

Afex® products have been designed and engineered to yield a comfortable, discreet, and innovative alternative to adult diapers, condom catheters, and other devices for men experiencing moderate to severe stress and mixed male incontinence.

Finally men of all ages and activity levels who use the Afex® system enjoy the benefits of a product that effectively controls urine odors, urine leaks, wetness, and helps fight skin irritation associated with adult diapers, condom catheters and other devices for management of male urinary incontinence.

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