Pacey Cuff

Pacey Cuff™ For Men

With the Pacey Cuff™ Turbo Urethral Control Device, rule your body and assert control over your incontinence. The patented design allows for all-day dependability and control of leakage, effectively eliminating day-to-day issues related to incontinence.

Pacey Cuff is a Urethal Control Device that Controls Urine Leakage.

Product Features:

  • Urethral Pressure Pad Blocks unwanted Urine Flow
  • Fenestration Hood ensures normal blood flow
  • Velcro strap provides comfortable custom fit

All-Day Comfort – Urine Control – Protects Blood Flow – Stops Bladder Leak

There is no longer a reason to worry about leaking urine. Life is short, make sure you stop leaking urine without blocking circulation.

Pacey MedTech’s incontinence manage Cuff includes:

  • Our uniquely designed Turbo Urethral Pressure Pad™ blocks unwanted urine flow, allowing you to live your life with confidence;
  • The Fenestration Hood™ protects the blood flow to the penis, ensuring that you live in absolute comfort;
  • Adjustable Velcro® strap provides a comfortable custom fit for you.

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