AFEX for men

"Have been using AFEX Incontinence kit for 2 months now. Was getting up 4-5 times a night for bathroom use and my romance life was no good. Now I  don`t need bathroom use at night and my romance life has improved greatly. Wife of 55 yrs is happy again. Went to my urologist 4 weeks after I started using AFEX and my numbers greatly improved. He said to keep doing whatever I am going. So, It works. Thank you for giving my life back."

_(Ray.K, Missisauga, ON Canada)

Before my prostate surgery my doctor warned me that I would be leaking urine for a few weeks after my catheter was removed. 6 months later I was still leaking and so embarrassed I didn’t want to leave the house especially in diapers. My wife is always on the computer looking for ways to help me and stumbled across Afex. We spoke with a helpful sales person over the phone who ensured I got what I needed. It took a few hours to get used to before I braved a short walk but I stayed dry. The bag is easy to empty the system feels less cumbersome than a jock and I’m even now back to playing golf. I haven’t used it for nighttime yet but the daytime kit has been so great I think I’m ready to try it in bed now.

— (D.F. Belleville, ON Canada)

My husband has had Parkinson’s for 8 years now and developed incontinence in the past year. We struggled with diapers, urinary tract infections, catheters and condom catheters- he was a mess. My daughter was travelling in the US and found Afex. We called to see if it was available in Canada and it was. We ordered a mobility Assist Kit, my husband had difficulty connecting the receptacle to the bag so I put it all together in the briefs and had him pull it on and off just like regular underwear. He’s used the system for two months now and his skin has healed, he’s stayed almost completely dry (a few little accidents getting out of the car) and has had zero urinary tract infections. I highly recommend the use of Afex to any man suffering or caregiver to use with them.

— (J.D. Abbotsford, BC Canada)

I’m a big man who’s had prostate problems for years. My last surgery was a radical prostatectomy which left me almost completely unable to hold any urine. I hate diapers and condom catheters are worse but I was stuck. I kept complaining and my doctor’s nurse suggested I try a new device called Afex. Well, what a blessing it has been! I now go out to dinner with my family, I’m back to playing golf and going to the casino. I don’t know what I would do without it.

— (L.R. Trenton, ON)


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