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Afex ActivKare Urinary Extension Tube Pad

Afex ActivKare Urinary Extension Tube Pad

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The Afex ActivKare Urinal System is intended for men who require assistance with toileting, are wheelchair-bound, long-haul drivers, and men suffering nocturia (a condition in which you wake up often during the night because you have to urinate). Ideal for nighttime use in order to avoid accidental falls in the dark, not having to rely on caregiver assistance or for long-distance road trips. This system is simple to use, portable and all Afex components are reusable and recyclable.

100% made in the USA!

Kit includes:

- High Style Penile Receptacle

- 2000ml Large Capacity Urine Bag

- Urinary Tube Extension Pack

- Includes 4oz cleanser and container

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