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MiWay™ Ladies Intermittent Self Catheterization Knee Mirror

MiWay™ Ladies Intermittent Self Catheterization Knee Mirror

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MiWay™ Ladies Intermittent Self Catheterization Knee Mirror

The MiWay™ Knee Mirror for Ladies attaches to the leg just above the knee or on the thigh to aid in visualizing the urethra for self-catheterization. The teardrop shape of the MiWay™ shatterproof mirror and its ability to rotate on its strap assures that the cathing hand will not interrupt the view of self-catheterization whether you are sitting, standing, reclined, or semi-reclined.

Knee mirrors are worn on the knee opposite your handedness. If you are right-handed and self cath with your right hand, order a right-handed mirror but be aware that it will be worn on your left knee. If you are left-handed and self cath with your left hand, order a left-handed mirror and it will be worn on your right knee.

The mirror is constructed from shatterproof and impact-resistant acrylic. The fabric leg strap is fully adjustable with a Velcro-like fastening making attachment safe, simple, and easy. The elastic sections make the strap flexible and comfortable.

Directions– Attach the mirror by encircling the leg with a strap and attaching the fastener when snug. Find a good view and comfortable position for the mirror by moving it up or down the length of your thigh and/or pivoting the mirror on its strap. The MiWay™ line of Intermittent Self Catheterization Aids for men and women are made in such a way as to allow you the flexibility for effective use in your own unique way recognizing that “your way is the best way for you”.

Cleaning- Wash mirror with soap and water. Do not use abrasives. The leg strap is hand or machine washable. Air dry.

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