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Pacey MedTech

Pacey Cuff Ultra - Urethral Control Device

Pacey Cuff Ultra - Urethral Control Device

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All-Day Comfort - Stop Urine at the Source - Protects Blood Flow

Plan your day, not your bathroom breaks. 

RELIABLE - The Pacey Cuff Ultra keeps urine in your bladder where it belongs. Guaranteed to last 6 months or more and reduce the number of disposables you need. Save a minimum of $50 PER MONTH on disposables by switching to the Pacey Cuff

Pacey Cuff brought to you by ActivKare can help men`s urine leak, bladder leak, overactive bladder, and incontinence.

COMFORTABLE - The Pacey Cuff applies a firm yet gentle pressure against your urethra to stop the flow of urine, without impeding blood flow. You can wear it all day long.

*Each Pacey Cuff includes one FREE Comfort Sleeve (a strong, thin fabric band) for use with your Cuff. The sleeve ensures a pinch-free application of ANY externally-applied incontinence device. 

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