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My Perspective as a PSW before, during and after COVID, by Jayla Theodore;

My Perspective as a PSW before, during and after COVID, by Jayla Theodore;

I wanted to work for a business that deals with a one-to-one client base. The experiences that I went through as a PSW while working in a long-term or nursing homes, really opened my eyes. There was rarely enough time to help clients and create a rapport with them. I became saddened and upset that I couldn’t service my clients the way they should be and with dignity. Frustrated, I started my search for something that would be a better fit for me.

I spoke to my brother about the struggles I was having. Shortly after having this conversation, he connected me with Karen at ActivKare. He told me that she had a healthcare business, and it sounded like it would be up my alley! I was quite nervous when I made that initial call because I didn’t know what to expect. Karen and I spoke on the phone for about 30 minutes, talking back and forth describing our backgrounds in the medical field. Our feelings were mutual; we want to give our clients the best experience and help them restore their dignity. A week later, I was hired by Karen and my journey began with ActivKare.

Working for ActivKare these past few months has allowed me to focus on clients needs and give them the time that they truly deserve without stress. I was delighted to see external incontinence system like Afex to help men manage their incontinence issues. Thinking back when I was provided the training to insert a catheter, the Afex system would a blessing at that moment. Compared to an internal or external catheter there is no pain for men using the Afex system. All one has to do is slip on the system, adjust themselves accordingly and off they continue with their daily routine.

It has been a pleasant experience being able to guide clients inquiring about the Afex system, paying attention to their specific needs and explaining different components that can help manage their incontinence. Getting a phone call, listening to their story and empathizing with their situation has been heartfelt experience for me. At the end of the phone call, I feel that I’ve accomplished giving great customer service. When a client says, “I can finally get back to my old life!”  or This product is amazing” I know that I have done right by them, and I have helped them gain back their dignity.

We have individuals that have called us looking for something that we may not carry and instead hanging up the phone and moving on to the next task, we research and help that individual find what they need. With my customer service knowledge and experience, I want to leave an impression on each individual, creating a long- lasting connection.

As a healthcare professional, it is my duty to make sure that clients are well taken care of and satisfied with their care.

-Jayla Theodore

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